During our visit to Nepal in December 2017, we once again had a good number of requests for financial help with a range of different types of projects, mainly classroom building, however also a need for fencing to make school compounds safe and secure for the children, and other school facilities eg library, school office.  

    February 2019

    We have been working once again with Janak School in Gaidakot to help them build a further 4 classrooms.  These are being build onto the first floor, above the four classrooms we helped build in 2012.  The pic shows the frame and roof trusses under construction. 

    January 2019

    Since new year, work has been underway at Nepal Dharti School in Bandipur, to replace very old dilapidated classrooms in order to improve the education of the kids at this school.  Children of Nepal agreed to give 400,000 rupees (apx £2700) towards the rebuild of a 4-classroom block over 2 floors. See our home page for pics showing the progress of the classroom block and the basic building techniques and materials that are being used to construct these vitally needed classrooms.


    We have also supported projects at the following schools:

    • Surya Jhoti School, Jugepani  - complete a classroom building project
    • Unity Disabled Awaz Center, Kathmandu Valley - support children with attending school
    • Janta School, Nandabhauju - classroom building project
    • Srijana Primary School, Kotthar-8 - building a new 2 classroom block
    • Narayani School, Gaidakot - support with transport to school for children in need
    • Setinag School - to supply classroom furniture (40 sets of benches/desks)
    • Chattisa Devi School - tin for roofing for classroom building

    If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. If you would like any further information in the meantime, please contact us at Thank you