Children of Nepal - Data Policy

    Using your personal information (as at 8th June 2018)

    1      Children of Nepal holds basic personal data (eg name, address, telephone number, email address) regarding individual 'supporters' (see glossary) in order to send updates and information of interest eg charity projects, events and initiatives. This is either done in response to a specific enquiry; as a communication sent out to all supporters or as a communication sent out to a subset of all supporters eg re Sponsored Bike Ride

    2      Personal data is stored as hard or electronic copies at the charity address. Electronic email addresses are also stored in the electronic address book of the charity email account:, held by AOL and subject to their security measures.

    3      Personal data is only used by Sue and Nara Pandey or a trustee of Children of Nepal 

    4      No personal data of any kind is transferred from Children of Nepal to any other 3rd party or shared in any way.

    5      Lawful basis - Children of Nepal uses data under the following lawful basis.  Consent: the individual has given clear consent to process their personal data for a specific purpose. Children of Nepal will only use data to communicate for the purposes described above and when consent has been given.

    6     Children of Nepal will ask for consent using a confirmatory email.  This consent will be recorded on an Excel spreadsheet. Supporters may opt-out at any time by contacting us. 

    7      We will inform supporters via email and on our website that we are holding their personal data, and for what purposes.  We will also inform them that it will not be shared with anyone unless specifically stated.

    8      Supporters have the right to request a copy of the personal data that we hold for them by emailing us at  We will update our records when informed by the supporter of any changes to their data.

    9     Data is kept safe using appropriate safety and security practices, including password usage. Data will be periodically reviewed (every two years) and data that is no longer required will be destroyed securely.  

    10   Children of Nepal will commit to keeping up to date with data protection regulations and will review and update this policy in line with GDPR and other legislation.

    11   The nominated contact for data protection as at 15th May 2018 is Sue Pandey, Lead Trustee.

    'Supporter' is the generic name used for any of the following:
    · an individual/organisation who has supported the charity in the past
    · an individual/organisation who currently supports the charity
    · an individual who has requested information from the charity and has therefore given their contact details for this purpose